Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Paintings

5 x 7.5 inches 
5 x 7.5 inches

5 x 7.5 inches

Zen Mind 
10 x 15 inches

Friday, March 21, 2014

On Vintage Paper

My new paintings on a vintage paper.

5 x 7.5 inches

Balloon Elephant
5 x 7.5 inches

5 x 7.5 inches

Eye Bird
5 x 7.5 inches

5 x 7.5 inches

10 x 15 inches

Ascension -detail-

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"The Crawling Dead" Miscreation Toys
Autopsy Zombie Staple Baby Group Custom Show

Participating artists include:
Absurd Toys, Big C, Bob Conge / Plaseebo, Brent Nolasco, Chet Zar, Cop-A-Squat Toys, Deeten, Devils Headquarters, Dlux, Dr. Hill, Dskione, DuBose Art, Eckotyper, Elegab, Ferg, Frenzy Bros., GalaxyPeople, GERMS, Goreilla, Greg Mishka, Grizlli Atom, Grody Shogun, Hip Hop Robot Tattoo, iROC, Jason Freeny, Jay222, Jeremi Rimel, Jim Koch, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Kenth Toy Works, Killer Bootlegs, L’amour Supreme, Lil’ Japan, Martin Ontiveros, Matt Perez, Matthew Dutton, Michael Pro, Mikee Riggs, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Naoto Hattori, Nebulon5, Necessary Nonsense, Nicole Rimel, Paul Kaiju, Retroband, Scarecrowoven, Shirahama, The Committee Of Public Safety, The Pizz, TKOM, Topheroy, Velocitron, and more!

The exhibit opening on Saturday, March 8th from 7-10pm at Toy Art Gallery’s showroom located at 7571 Melrose Ave. Hollywood CA 90046. Jeremi Rimel, the creator of the Autopsy Baby, will be in attendance along with many other participating artists.

THE CRAWLING DEAD runs through March 29th.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

New Miniature Paintings

"Cat Woman", 4 x 5.8 inches, acrylic on board.

"Baby Elephant", 2.7 x 3.2inches, acrylic on board.